How We Help

The WindStreet Demand Side Management Team provides technical and engineering services to analyze and implement strategies that reduce or curb escalating energy costs. WindStreet takes a thorough audit of your equipment, your facilities and analyzes your bills. We help guide you through beneficial Federal, State and utility pricing programs.

The Goals of a WindStreet Demand Side Management (DSM)

- Address Load Management

• Identify ways of spreading energy consumption (demand) to take

advantage of off–peak rates.

• Reduce peaks and valleys demand.

• Implement, where possible, dynamic demand operating cycles to balance
supply-side system load.

- Identify Energy Efficiency

• Address efficient use of current equipment and pinpoint money saving upgrades.

• Take advantage of your utility company’s rebates or tax-credit programs.

- Energy Conservation

• Take actions to reduce overall consumption of energy without negative impact on the business or employees.

Special Focus

HVAC Upgrades

Energy Management Systems

Duty Cycling

We Finance the Savings

For many Demand Side Management projects, we’ll finance the cost. We can put your company into a net positive lease that sends you a monthly savings check. Your return on investment on many projects will have an immediate positive impact to your bottom line.

Lighting Upgrades

Utility Monitoring

Co-generation Equipment

Variable Frequency Drives

Peak Load Scheduling


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